Believe you can and you're halfway there
Whatever you tell – believe in what you tell about by all your heart.
We help children and young adults from around the world to get a high-quality international education in leading schools and universities in the US, Canada and the UK. Educate Online has been around for 10 years, and for the past 2 years we have been focusing on online education and helping children to study at leading schools and universities remotely.
Hi! We are Educate Online
We have been looking for you!
We are always looking for talented people who like us, want to make the world a better place and can strengthen our team. We are pleased that you are exploring Educate Online for your future career.
We know what it takes for children and young adults from around the world to achieve their dreams in an affordable way, surrounded by the support and encouragement of our team. We want to share our experience and vision with as many families as possible.
Our mission is possible
We make high-quality international education accessible for every child, regardless of their age or place of residence.
And this is why we need your help!
Our values
Treat the company as your own
Do what makes sense
Test and learn
Be agile
Give and get feedback
We are not wizards, but we are learning to be them
If you’re also a wizard in training, we can become a great team
With the help of Educate Online, students receive diplomas from accredited American, Canadian and British schools, prepare for international exams and enter prestigious universities. And all this without leaving home!

We believe that school can be interesting, and a high-quality international education can be simple and accessible. We do everything we can so that children can study with pleasure, and parents can be proud of their successes.

Children and young adults who study with Educate Online inspire us to improve every day, overcome challenges with perseverance and look for new ways to develop and keep students engaged in their learning and their future.
Speaking of Team! Let's get to know each other better?
Our team consists of only the brightest, self-aware, proactive and open-minded people. We are all different, but we are excited about the common goal - to make the world a better place by helping students to receive a high-quality international education.

We motivate each other to shine! Together we develop professionally, do yoga, study languages, and more! We always welcome new ideas on how our team can engage and grow. You have our support.

We are united by a common mission and a common attitude to life. At job interviews, we even test your sense of humor.

Of course, it was a joke. If you immediately understood this - congratulations, the test is passed!
If we were a series, we would be "Friends", not "The Office" (although we certainly have an office).
Alexander Zheltov
Outstanding leadership award from education 2.0, award from Forbes Club for the best emerging start up in 2021. I love to build Lego’s in my free time, and also love to read and meditate with headspace app :)

Professional experience
CEO & Founder of Diamond Education (UK), CEO & Founder Educate Online, I won Forbes 30 under 30 in 2022 in the entrepreneurs section
Artem Saloshin
Chief Marketing Officer
One of the founders of Educate Online. I am assembling the best marketing team in EdTech, which any other company will envy. It may seem unrealistic, but everyone who works with me in a team achieves their personal and career goals :)

Professional experience
CHistaya liniya / BCS Bank / Visa you
Voland Antonov
Head of Growth
I believe that Educate Online will become a product that will create an ideal world of the future. Marketing is my language of self-expression. My craft. My way of leaving my mark on this world.

Professional experience
Head of Customer Success TextBack, Head of Growth Educate Online
Samit Saxena
I am a go-getter & a multi-tasker. I love running and am a marathoner + a drummer by hobby. I am always in my learning mode.

Professional experience
MTS India, Jumbo Electronics, HCL, Panasonic, Crompton Greaves
Rinat Aliev
Executive Director
Consistent double digit sales growth in every, even crisis, year in my role of Red Bull sales director. I believe working with people you like on a mutual goal — is one of the biggest pleasure in life.

Professional experience
Red Bull, Educate Online Inc
We do not brag, but we are known and recognized worldwide
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We are not saying that our team is a team of friends (although, this too).
We trust each other's recommendations. We always share interesting books, cool podcasts, contacts of a good dentist and... talents!

If you have a friend who you think also fits the culture of Educate Online, introduce us. Perhaps very soon you will all work together, and our team will become richer for it!

If your candidate successfully passes their 3 month probation period, you will receive a bonus and a nice gift.
Educate Online welcomes you to work with your friends!
How to recommend a friend?
If you know a cool specialist who can fit in our team, just fill out the referral form.

Thank you!
OMG, what cool colleagues are waiting for you!
For more efficient work, we are divided into departments, but when it comes to friendly communication, all boundaries disappear. We believe that at Educate Online people find not only cool colleagues, but also reliable soulmates.
Our team includes both young professionals who are just starting their journey, and experienced professionals with an immense foundation of knowledge and skills. Each of them are real professionals who do their job better than anyone in the world.
Educate Online combines structure, clear business processes, professionalism and a cool atmosphere
We know that working remotely for a long time can make you feel like you are far away from the team.

If you miss the team, we will organize a joint trip for you and your teammates so that you can relax, chat and recharge together.
Part of the ship, part of the crew
Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Unconditional support and sincere mutual assistance reign within our team - you will feel comfortable working and growing with us.
We are always ready to support your ambitions so that you can perform!

From you - the desire to develop, from us - full support, professional training and motivating promotion.
We are a modern and productive business, but we are a business with a human face and a huge heart. And in our hearts there is still a lot of space for new team members - true professionals in their field and just cool people.
Let's make the world better together!

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